Meet the New Face of Diamonds: Ana de Armas

Retail and Consumer Confidence
17/09/2020 09:12

In its first ever celebrity campaign, the Natural Diamond Council is featuring Ana de Armas, rising Hollywood star who recently was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in Knives Out and starring in the upcoming No Time To Die Bond film. The new campaign will be released on September 20, during the virtual Emmy awards. The 30" spot airing at the Emmy's will be complemented by a series of shorter video segments, all referring to a more casual, fun and experience driven approach that focuses on human connections and moves away from the more classic view of diamond-wearing and exchanging. "I love thinking of diamonds this way, as special emblems of even the small personal moments in our lives," says Ana de Armas. "They represent joy and warmth and beauty." "Ana is a true talent, and the dynamism she exemplifies is exactly what we seek to do daily in our support of the natural diamond industry," says David Kellie, CEO of Natural Diamond Council. "This campaign redefines traditional diamond moments, celebrating a variety of personal connections with these natural stones. It's a more contemporary approach to the diamond dream, for meaningful moments large or small."The new campaign, featuring a host of designers and brands, is the first generic celebrity campaign, and is aptly titled "For Moments Like No Other". Teasers, more information and behind-the-scenes clips can be found on the NDC's website

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre is hosting a Let's Get Digital Webinar with David Kellie - CEO of Natural Diamond Council on Wednesday Sept 23rd, in which he will talk about the new global advertising campaign and how industry members can make use of the NDC's Industry resources and marketing materials.