AWDC Webinar Series Continues with Edahn Golan

Retail and Consumer Confidence
21/04/2020 13:55

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre continues its AWDC Webinar Series this week Friday, April 24 from 12:30-14:00 with a presentation on the "Polished Market: a Q&A with Edahn Golan."

In this webinar, AWDC is having a chat with industry expert Edahn Golan on the current state of the market, what we have learned from previous crises concerning how to manage our business when we are in the midst of one, and advice on how to prepare to reboot your company after COVID-19 has subsided. Mr. Golan will be discussing questions such as

  • “What is the impact of COVID-19 on consumer demand?” 
  • “Is this crisis the final straw for the trade fair business model?"
  • “Should I get rid of inventory now or wait for better times?”
  • “Are online trading platforms the future?”
  • “What about synthetics?”

Those who would like to participate may register here. If you already have a question you would like to have addressed, submit it here. The webinar will be held on the Zoom platform.