ALROSA Launches Affordable Synthetics Detection Device

Retail and Consumer Confidence
22/03/2018 17:10

ALROSA has introduced its long anticipated commercial detector for identifying natural and synthetic polished diamonds - the ALROSA Diamond Inspector, first introduced in 2016. The Company expects that its relatively low price ($9,900) and high accuracy will allow the detector to be in demand in Russia as well as abroad. "It will help fight unscrupulous suppliers who mix synthetic stones grown in the laboratory with diamonds of natural origin", the companys says. The device can identify natural polished diamonds, polished diamonds manufactured from synthetic and treated diamonds, non-diamond imitations (simulants), such as cubic zirconia, moissanite, and others. The device allows analyzing both individual diamonds and diamonds in jewelry. See the promotional video here.

“One of the main competitive advantages of ALROSA Diamond Inspector is the use of three optical detection methods, which give high assessment reliability", says the General Director of Diamond Scientific and Technological Center LLC Vladimir Sklyaruk. "This know-how is protected by an international patent and provides a lower price of devices compared to peers.” He says the detector we bean inexpensive and reliable tool for diamond professionals, such as jewelry manufacturers, jewelry stores, pawnshops and gemologists. "Our device allows you to determine quickly and with a very high degree of accuracy the true origin of a polished diamond – whether it was made from a rough diamond grown in a couple of weeks in a laboratory or manufactured from a real natural rough diamond hundreds of millions and even billions of years old.”

More synthetics detection

In related news, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) will open a new screening facility for detecting laboratory-grown stones at the Santacruz Electronic Export Processing Zone (SEEPZ) in Mumbai, the grading organization said earlier this week. The center will enable companies in the jewelry-manufacturing hub to assure customers a stone is natural. The service can be used independently, or added to the grading process, as Rapaport News explains. SEEPZ is a special area in Mumbai where certain tax exemptions apply, and is home to a large number of jewelry exporters. “The screening facility…provides peace of mind to the manufacturers who export their goods to the international markets, especially when the market is threatened by the infiltration of synthetic diamonds in the inventory of natural diamonds,” said Tehmasp Printer, managing director of IGI India. Jewelers will be able to use the technology to screen both loose stones and mounted jewelry.