HK Sept Postponed to Nov 9-13, Timing Remains Problematic

07/07/2020 11:01

According to market sources, INFORMA MARKETS (IM) will be announcing the postponement of the mother of all trade fairs, commonly known as Hong Kong September, to November shortly. However, many believe the postponement is just putting off the evil hour of a cancellation. On a global scale, the COVID-19 pandemic is hardly under control, as a growing number of regions in the US, Asia and in Europe are rescinding earlier relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions and reinstating travel bans and obliged 14-day quarantines, while at the same time global demand for diamonds and jewellery and the appetite for people (buyers and exhibitors) to travel are at an all time low. Adding to the troubles is the current situation in Hong Kong, where civil unrest is flaring up once again, as Beijing tightens its grip further on Hong Kong.