GIA Suspends Diamond Sealing Services After Tampering Fraud

20/01/2020 14:36

"Effective immediately, GIA [Gemological Institute of America] will suspend diamond sealing services," the organization said in press release last Friday. The statement continues, "The Institute is taking this action after recently encountering a small number of GIA sealing packets that had been compromised by third parties after the sealing packets left GIA." The organization discovered "that the diamonds originally enclosed in the compromised packets had been replaced with HPHT (high-pressure, high-temperature) treated natural diamonds."

The substitute treated diamonds superficially matched the GIA report information for the original diamonds, including information on the sealing packet data label, they said. In response, the organization GIA is suspending sealing services in all locations indefinitely, pending an investigation of the source of this fraud. Clients concerned about the status of their own GIA-sealed diamond are welcome to submit the unopened packet to any GIA laboratory for verification services, at no charge.

If GIA concludes that the diamond in the sealing packet is the diamond described in the original report, the Institute will issue a verification letter confirming the diamond matches the original report. If the diamond does not match the GIA report, the Institute will issue a new report with the correct results. All sealed diamonds submitted for this free-of-charge verification service will be returned unsealed.