Polished Prices Index Hits Two-Year Low

11/11/2019 14:14

The overall poilshedprices index recorded its lowest level since November 2017 last Wednesday, writes Richard Platt for the independent group that provides wholesale transaction-based polished diamond prices. The overall index is 4.9% below its level of this time last year and has lost 3.3% since the start of this year.

Small (0.3 ct) Fine (better than I color and VS2 and above) and Commercial (K SI3 and above, excluding the Fine category) goods have fallen the farthest, sitting respectively 23.5% and 24.6% lower than this time last year. Fine goods of 0.5 carats are also down by double digits (-13.3%) while Fine (-6.3%) and Commercial (-8.2%) goods of 1 carat have recently ticked up somewhat, as the largest gain came from the Fine 1.0 carat grouping, which recorded a gain of 1.7% compared to the prior Monday. The largest decline came from the Commercial 0.3 carat range, which fell 2.6% over the week.

Photo: Shruti Mehta @DiamondsandAntwerp