Pretty in Pink: Christie’s Top 10 Pink Diamonds

12/09/2018 15:30

From the Martian Pink from the Perfect Pink, the Sweet Josephine to the Pink Promise, Christie’s jewelry specialist Marie-Cécile Cisamolo tells the stories of the ten most prized pink diamonds the auction house has ever sold. Prices for top-quality, large pink diamonds have increased exponentially in recent years, driven by collector demand and increasingly limited supply. Pink diamonds gain their highly desirable color as a result of a rare, naturally occurring slippage of the crystal lattice in the stone while it is forming deep within the Earth’s crust. Starting with a Fancy Vivid Pink rectangular-cut diamond weighing 5.18 carats, which sold for $10,709,443 in 2015, she walks through to the Princie, a cushion-cut Fancy Intense Pink diamond weighing 34.65 carats, which sold for $39,323,750 in 2013.