Blue Diamonds Push Fancy Color Index Up Slightly in Q4 2017

05/02/2018 17:00

The fourth quarter of 2017 saw a slight rise in fancy color diamond prices over the previous quarter, thanks to continued appreciation from blue stones, writes The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) in a press release. The significant increases in prices of fancy blue diamonds were offset by continued softness in fancy yellow diamonds and stagnation in fancy pink diamond prices. The Fancy Color Diamond Index in Q4 2017 indicates an overall rise of 0.1% over Q3 2017 for fancy yellow, pink and blue diamonds in all sizes and saturations. On a year-on-year basis, compared to Q4 2016, the Fancy Color Diamond Index increased by 0.1%, with fancy blue prices up 5.9% and fancy yellow and pink prices down by 1.8% and 0.8%, respectively.

Across all blue fancy color diamonds, the index gained 2.6% over Q3 2017 and 5.9% compared to Q4 2016, with fancy intense and fancy vivid blues performing best, especially in the 1ct and 5ct categories. They also note that in Q4, white diamonds performed relatively better than fancy colored diamonds. FCRF Advisory Board chairman Eden Rachminov said:  “We are seeing a stagnant supply picture of important pink and blue fancy color diamonds. Rare pinks and blues are very hard to come by and continue to command significant premiums. After more than 18 months, we are starting to see some price stability in commercial yellow fancy color diamonds, in line with the performance of white diamonds, driven by lower availability”.