Bharat Diamond Bourse To Host India’s First Diamond Week

01/02/2018 11:02

The Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) will be organizing an India Diamond Week from April 23-25 in Mumbai, the first ever such trade fair in India, writes industry organization GJEPC. About 200 booths for polished diamond companies will be set up within the bourse, and Indian as well as international traders will be invited to apply for them.  “All booths will be standardised and be of the same size,” explained Mehul Shah, Vice President of BDB. “Each successful applicant company is  eligible to have only one booth allocated, to give the widest number of companies an opportunity to participate.” The BDB will also invite representatives of all member bourses of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, and even invite members of smaller bourses.

Anoop Mehta, president of the BDB, said, “Visitors will be able to see a comprehensive range of goods at the fair. I am certain that even those traders who know the Indian market well will find new sources and come across goods that they did not previously know were available.” He added that, “As such, the India Diamond Week being organised by the BDB presents a not-to-be-missed opportunity for the entire international diamond community.” Shah explained that the India Diamond Week was being held to boost the business of the entire bourse, including  the smallest companies and individual players.“Visitors to the event will be moving around the bourse and we will also encourage them to visit the trading hall, where individual players can meet them,” added Shah. “In this way we expect that the benefits of the Indian Diamond Week will have a ripple effect and cover many more diamantaires than just those in the booths.”