Pope Francis Calls for Widespread Reform in Global Mining Industry

Mining and Exploration
20/07/2015 14:04

Continuing his theme on protecting the environment and human rights, Pope Francis pointed to injustices in the mining industry and called for collaboration in fostering change. In a message sent to participants in a July 17-19 conference organized by the Vatican's Council for Justice and Peace and the Latin American "Churches and Mining" network, the Pope called on all involved in the field of mining "to adopt behavior inspired by the fact that we constitute a single human family, everything is interconnected." In his message, Pope Francis noted that many communities, families, and individuals frequently suffer both directly and indirectly due to the "too often negative" consequences of mining activities. The conference, he said, represents "a cry for lost land; a cry for the extraction of wealth from land that paradoxically does not produce wealth for the local populations who remain poor."

He called on governments in countries where mining takes place, suppliers, business leaders, and investors to hold multinational mining companies to a socially responsible behavior. "The entire mining sector is undoubtedly required to effect a radical paradigm change to improve the situation in many countries."