LUCAPA Reveals Highest Diamond Count & Weight from Lulo Kimberlite Samples

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Lucapa Diamond Company together with Project Lulo  partners, Endiama and Rosas & Petalas, announced the recovery of diamonds from the initial processing of the Lulo kimberlite L164 bulk sample through the stand-alone, dedicated kimberlite bulk sample plant.
Lulo kimberlite L164 bulk sample has yielded 20 diamonds weighing 15.51 carats from the initial processing of 630m3 of broken kimberlite material, representing a preliminary grade of ~2.5 cphm3 (carats per one hundred m3). Five diamonds greater than 1 carat have been recovered so far from the ~3.5ha kimberlite – the largest stone weighing in at 1.95 carats. The average size of the diamonds recovered so far is 0.78 carats/ stone, a number of them classified as Type IIa by the Yehuda Colorimeter.

Processing of the kimberlite bulk sample continues, but these initial diamond recoveries already represent the highest diamond count and carat weight of diamonds recovered from any kimberlite bulk sample processed at Lulo to date.

Lucapa Managing Director, Stephen Wetherall said, “This preliminary result is important in that it represents the best kimberlite diamond recoveries to date, confirms the existence of higher grade primary sources with commercial size diamonds and it bolsters our large geological database with confirmatory results for our teams to use to prioritise the other kimberlites and targets on the Lulo concession.”

Source: Lucapa
Photo Credit: Lucapa