Lucapa On Track: Record-Breaking Production at Lulo

Mining and Exploration
08/09/2020 06:55

For the second consecutive month, Lucapa had a record-breaking production at its Angolan Lulo operation, recovering 3852 ct, as mining focused on the MB06 Ieziria flood plain. Managing Director Stephen Wetherall commented: "It is very encouraging to note that the Ieziria area in MB06 is continuing to deliver the quality and quantity of diamonds that could rival the production from the prolific MB08." Despite the dramatic effects of COVID-19 on the entire diamond industry, the company is optimistic about the future, as it continues to explore (among others) 16 high interest kimberlites in Angola (5 are located in the Canguige Catchment) hoped to be the source of Lulo's high value diamonds.