Ivory Coast To Restart Diamond Mining After 45 Years?

Mining and Exploration
22/07/2020 08:39

According to Africa Intelligence, for the first time in 45 years, Ivory Coast could be at the brink of restarting diamond mining at four concessions, around the town of Séguéla, owned by company Transactysglasol, with trading office Glasol in Antwerp, headed by new CEO and French national Nicolas de Lesguern. According to Africa Intelligence, production is scheduled to start in November, when the semi-industrial mining sites are operational. In recent years, the country barely produced any rough diamonds, representing 0.02% of global rough diamond production. In 2015, through an Antwerp led project funded by the Belgian government, the AWDC trained a number of experts and provided materials to support the country in meeting minimum requirements to enable Kimberly Process certification of rough diamonds exported from the country.