Exceptional Recovery at Grib Mine: 48ct., Deep Lemon Yellow Diamond

Mining and Exploration
17/07/2019 11:21

AGD Diamonds has recovered an extremely rare rough diamond at its processing unit operating at the Grib Diamond Field in Russia: a gem-quality, deep-lemon yellow colored diamond weighing 47.61 carats. The stone was unearthed on July 13.

According to Rough & Polished, which issues press releases for AGD Diamonds, industry experts note its "extremely correct form, impeccable clarity and lack of technological flaws."

This unique yellow diamond is just the latest in a string of exceptional recoveries made by AGD: On July 8, AGD Diamonds recovered a large gem-quality diamond weighing 81.02 carats at its Grib Mining Division, while last May, the company also unearthed two large diamonds weighing 222.09 and 127.34 carats at its Grib mine. The Grib diamond deposit is one of the largest in the world, ranking 4th in terms of reserves in Russia and 7th in the world.