Petra Recovers Massive Type IIa Stone at Cullinan Diamond Mine

Mining and Exploration
29/03/2019 18:04

Petra Diamonds has recovered a 425.10-carat, D-Color Type II gem-quality diamond at its famed flagship Cullinan mine in South Africa. This is the second exceptionally large rough diamond and the third special stone the company has unearthed this year, following the recovery of a 100.83-carat D-Colour Type II gem-quality diamond and a 6.12 carat Type II blue stone.

The mid-tier miner's flagship mine - which earned its place in history with the discovery of the Cullinan diamond in 1905, the largest rough gem diamond ever found at 3,106 carats - is renowned as a source of large, high-quality gem diamonds and is the most important source of very rare blue diamonds. This new recovery "demonstrates the prevalence of these types of stones in the Cullinan orebody as well as the ability of the mine’s plant to recover the full spectrum of diamonds." The stone is expected to be sold during Q4 FY 2019.

Photo courtesy of Petra Diamonds: 425.10 carat D-Colour Type II diamond recovered at Cullinan on 29 March 2019