Firestone Finds Another Big Rock at Liqhobong

Mining and Exploration
12/02/2019 12:30

Firestone Diamonds has announced the recovery of a 70 carat white, makeable diamond from its Liqhobong Mine in Lesotho. This follows after a 46-carat gem diamond that was recovered in December, sold for more than US$1 million at a recently held sale in Antwerp. The 70 carat diamond was recovered undamaged and will go on sale at the next tender, which is scheduled to take place at the First Element tender house in Antwerp, from 18 – 22 March, 2019 (see AWDC calendar for all Antwerp tenders in March).

Paul Bosma, Chief Executive Officer, commented: "The 70 carat stone was recovered in the northern, low grade part of the pit where the bulk of our mining will take place in the coming months. Although the market for the smaller stones has been under pressure, we've seen continued demand and good prices realised for special stones".