ALROSA Unearths 29 Carat Yellow Diamond, Largest of the Year

Mining and Exploration
08/10/2018 15:12

Russian diamond mining company ALROSA extracted 28.59-carat rough yellow diamond at its Ebelyakhplacer deposit in July. The diamond is of deep greenish-yellow hue, and following the company's assessment, the color of the stone is defined as the rare Fancy Intense Yellow. It is currently the largest yellow rough diamond mined at ALROSA's deposits since the beginning of 2018. JSC AlmazyAnabara, a subsidiary of ALROSA, unearthed the stone.

"The extracted stone is our new unique discovery. Fancy colorsare very rare in nature," said Evgeny Agureev, Member of the Executive committee and Director of the United Selling Organization of ALROSA. "This stone is also unique, because nature seemed to have prepared it for cutting and in advance gave it a pear-like shape." ALROSA's United Selling Organization and the company's cutting division DIAMONDS ALROSA have yet to study the diamond and decide whether to auction it as a rough or to cut it into polished diamond. "However, even now one can say this is a worthy specimen for replenishing our collection of colored diamonds," he added.

AlmazyAnabara is traditionally ALROSA's leading subsidiary when it comes to recovering fancy colored stones. In 2017, AlmazyAnabaraalso extracted a unique 27.85-carat pure pink diamond - the largest pink stone in ALROSA's history - and a large 34.17-carat vivid yellow diamond. ALROSA plans to focus its cutting division on the processing of large and colored diamonds and the subsequent sales. As of early 2018, ALROSA now sorts colored diamonds using a new technology that includes almost all hues and color grades. Most of these diamonds are processed by DIAMONDS ALROSA - the company's in polished branch. Today, ALROSA produces at least 7 thousand carats of colored diamonds per year. In September, the  company held its first 'True Colors' auction in Hong Kong, where ALROSA showcased collection of 250 diamonds of different shapes and hues. The company plans to run such auctions regularly.