Murowa Diamonds (Zimbabwe) Joins Diamond Producers Association

Mining and Exploration
13/09/2018 11:10

RZ Murowa Holdings Ltd. (RZM), majority owner and operator of Murowa Diamonds, has joined the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), making it the eighth diamond mining company, and first new member, to join the DPA since it's launch in 2015. The DPA was created in 2015 to protect and promote the integrity and reputation of diamonds. Murowa Diamonds operates the Murowa mine in Zimbabwe, which was purchased from Rio Tinto in 2015 and expanded significantly under its new leadership. Manit M. Shah, Chief Operating Officer of Murowa Diamonds, will join the Board of Directors of the DPA in September 2018.

Jean-Marc Lieberherr, CEO of the DPA, said “We are delighted to welcome RZ Murowa to the DPA and Manit to our Board of Directors. The DPA will continue to play a vitally important role in the future of the diamond industry and broadening our representation and geographic reach will help ensure we maximise the positive impact we can have for the sector as a whole. We look forward to working closely with Manit and his colleagues at RZ Murowa”. Manit M. Shah, Chief Operating Officer at Murowa Diamonds, said, “Joining the DPA is an important milestone in the life of RZ Murowa Holdings Ltd. and a recognition of the work we are doing to operate our assets responsibly and sustainably. I am very pleased to join such a distinguished Board of Directors and will do my best to contribute to the essential work the DPA is doing for our industry.”

The change in leadership at RZM in 2015 sent Murowa through a strategic overhaul exercise that resulted in a radical change in its business by steering it to a new life of mine plan, new approach to mining and a massive brownfield expansion of the plant. Having produced 255,000 carats in 2015, Murowa today produces circa 1,200,000 carats of predominantly white gem quality diamonds. RZM is currently pursuing a mix of an organic and in-organic growth strategy to grow its production to over 5 million carats per annum by 2022.

Chief Marketing Officer Leaves DPA

In related news, the DPA's chief marketing officer Deborah Marquardt has left the organization. The move was for personal reasons, and will enable Marquardt, with the company since 2016, to pursue other opportunities. Sarah Gorvitz, the DPA’s senior vice president of strategic communications and insights, will take over the role on an interim basis until the DPA finds a replacement.

- Photo courtesy DPA: The Letseng Diamond, Gem Diamonds