Namakwa Diamonds To Tender 30-ct Fancy Pink Stone in Antwerp

Mining and Exploration
27/08/2018 15:44

Namakwa Diamonds, the majority owner of the KAO mine in Lesotho, has announced the discovery and upcoming sale of its latest exceptional find, a 29.59 carat Fancy Pink diamond, named ‘The Rose of KAO’. The Rose was found on 12 June this year at Namakwa Diamond’s flagship mine KAO in Lesotho (owned 74.99% by Namakwa Diamonds, the rest by the government of Lesotho). The Rose will be shown and tendered in Antwerp with Bonas-Couzyn NV during KAO's fourth sale of the year (KAO-1804) from late September to early October.

Namakwa Diamonds owns and operates the KAO mine, through Storm Mountain Diamonds, which is known for its pink and fancy coloured diamonds. The Rose came from the same geological domain as the stunning 36.06ct ‘Pink Storm’ recovered in December 2013 and sold in January 2014. The KAO mine also engages the local community through supporting various initiatives, including the construction of educational facilities, water and sanitation infrastructure and the provision of food and blankets. 

Viewings for KAO-1804 and The Rose will take place in Antwerp from 17-28 September 2018, with bidding closing on October 1 2018 at 15:00 CET by means of the highest online bid tender at