Conference on Geology of Diamond Deposits in Brazil Set for November

Mining and Exploration
22/08/2018 14:50

The 7th Conference on the Geology of Diamond Deposits in Brazil will be held in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil from November 4-7, 2018. "It is particularly appropriate that the 7th Conference will be hosted in the State of Bahia" the organizers write, "which is the largest producer of diamonds in Brazil, and the location of the first commercial diamond mine in Brazil which was developed on a kimberlite deposit, the primary source rock of diamond. This year’s conference also marks the 25th year since the first conference, which was held in the State of Mato Grosso in 1993." 

The conference will focus on four themes, including the significant diamond potential of Brazil as well as new technologies and expertise that can positively impact producers and explorers in Brazil. Additionally, experts will share their opinions on the diamond market and insights into how producers can optimize sales, and the conference will offer presentations on various avenues available for financing diamond exploration and development projects in Brazil. The latter is of critical importance for Brazil, as without the development of new major mining projects, Brazil will remain among the smaller diamond-producing countries, despite its potential. As of 2017, according to Kimberley Process statistics, Brazil is ranked 13th in terms of volume (254,896 carats) and value ($38 million) among diamond producers. 

The conference organizing committee announces the conference will be followed by a field trip to the Braúna diamond mine, Brazil’s largest diamond producer and the first commercial diamond mine developed on a kimberlite deposit in Latin America. It was developed by Lipari Mineração in collaboration with financiers from Antwerp. Commercial production started in 2016 and the mine is projected to produce up to 400,000 carats of high quality diamond annually over the next eight years, which would be more than the country's current total production. A pre-conference short-course, offered by the Institute of Geosciences of the Federal University of Bahia (IGEO) and the Companhia Baiana de Pesquisa Mineral (CBPM) will also be available to interested delegates, to be held prior to the conference. Submissions for oral and poster presentations that align with the four principal themes of the technical sessions are still welcome (see link).

Image: Lipari Mineração