ALROSA Nearing Start of Mining at Zarya: 3.5M Carat, $1B Diamond Deposit

Mining and Exploration
23/07/2018 16:49

ALROSA has announced that mining operations on the new diamond deposit Zarya are entering their final stage, having removing 10 million cubic meters of overburden over the last two years, and the company expects diamond mining will start in 2019. The deposit is estimated to contain total diamond resources of 3.5 million carats worth more than USD 1 billion. Its development will allow the miner to replace the declining reserves of Komsomolskaya pipe, where mining operations are nearing their completion. 

The open pit mine has now reached a depth of 100 meters, and the development of the field is planned to a depth of 300 meters with the extraction of 12 million tons of ore. The open pit mine construction is planned to be completed in 2019, and is "expected to reach its design capacity of 1,250 million tons of ore annually in 2021,” said Timofey Baishev, Deputy Head of production of Komsomolsky open pit mine. The open pit mining of reserves is planned in 2030 to be finished. The average diamond content is estimated at 0.28 carats per ton of ore. The total investment will be about US$190 million (RUB 12 billion).