Stornoway Suspends Renard Mine Operations Due to Forest Fire

Mining and Exploration
02/07/2018 16:04

Stornoway Diamond Corporation has announced that operations at the Renard Diamond Mine have been temporarily suspended due to a local forest fire. As of 6:30am EST on Monday July 2, the fire was located 12.6 kilometres south of the Renard Mine, but just 3.6 kilometres south of the Clarence and Abel Swallow Airport and within 0.1 kilometre of the mine’s access road. It covers an area of 18 kilometres by 6 kilometres and is being fanned by northerly winds.

The company states that while mine facilities are in no immediate danger, the location of the fire means that access to the site is affected. For precautionary reasons, non-essential staff are being evacuated and road deliveries suspended until normal safe working conditions can be re-established. Rain and a change in wind direction is forecast in the next 24 to 48 hours. Stornoway will provide further updates as they become available.