Gahcho Kué Mine Yields 95-Carat Diamond for Mountain Province

Mining and Exploration
30/05/2018 10:02

Mountain Province Diamonds this morning announced the recovery of a 95 carat gem diamond from the Gahcho Kué mine located in the Northwest Territories, Canada. The diamond was included in the fancies and specials parcel acquired by Mountain Province in the most recent Gahcho Kué production split (Mountain Province owns 49% and De Beers Canada 51% of Gahcho Kué run-of-mine production; they bid monthly on the fancies and specials recovered, with the winning bidder entitled to market those diamonds). 

The diamond recovered was a 95-carat white octahedron of top clarity. It is the largest gem quality stone and fourth largest stone recovered from the mine since production commenced just under two years ago and will be presented at Mountain Province’s upcoming rough diamond tender with viewings to be held from June 11 through 22 in Antwerp, Belgium. Reid Mackie, the Company’s Vice President Diamond Marketing, commented, “The recovery of this diamond firmly establishes Mountain Province as a reliable producer of exceptional, high quality, Canadian diamonds in very large sizes and bodes well for the future discovery of similar gems.”

Mountain Province Diamonds Joins Canadamark

Today's announcement follows yesterday's news that Mountain Province Diamonds has entered into an understanding with Dominion Diamond Mines which allows Mountain Province’s customers to certify their qualifying polished diamonds under the Canadamark certification program. The Canadamark program is a strategic initiative of Dominion. Through its participation, Mountain Province joins Dominion in its efforts to assure the supply chain integrity of Canadian diamonds from mine to retail. The Canadamark program verifies that diamonds are natural and untreated, and mined in Canada under a regulatory regime which protects the sustainability of the natural environment and northern people.

Canadamark certified diamonds are tracked through independent, audited processes from mine of origin to polished stone, and polished to meet specific quality standards. Mackie commented, "Once they are certified, our customers can confidently demonstrate the Canadian provenance of their goods and use this to enhance and support their individual branding programs. The unique characteristics of the Gahcho Kué production will help broaden the range of certified-Canadian goods available to consumers and consolidate market share of Canadian product under a consistent Canadian provenance standard.” Dominion’s CEO Patrick Evans said, "Canadian diamonds are highly sought after by discerning buyers around the world who place special value on a product that has been responsibly mined, cut and polished.”