Lucapa Recovers 25 Carat Yellow Diamond at Mothae, Considering Expansion

Mining and Exploration
23/05/2018 13:10

Lucapa Diamond has recovered 25 carat yellow gem diamond from the Mothae kimberlite mine in Lesotho during first two days of trial processing following bulk sampling plant modifications, causing them to rethink their expectations for the mine. "Significantly", they note, "the gem-quality Special was recovered from the Neck Zone of the Mothae kimberlite" which is not part of the current +1 million carat resource estimate. They also recovered a 6 carat diamond during the first two days of trial processing of material from the Neck Zone. The discoveries have led them to commence processing three 50,000 ton bulk samples of kimberlite material the Neck, North and South East Zones, with the aim of adding to the JORC resource as well as extending the mine life.

In Australia, Lucapa siad its recent ground geophysical surveys have successfully defined a lamproite body at the Little Spring Creek diamond discovery at the 80% owned Brooking diamond project in Western Australia’s West Kimberley region. Brooking is located within 50km of the Ellendale mine which, until its recent closure, produced more than 50% of the world’s fancy yellow diamonds. They have engaged a drilling contractor for a follow-up program on the Little Spring Creek discovery hole, which produced 119 micro and macro diamonds, including whites and yellows. With the ground geophysical survey work completed at Little Spring Creek, Lucapa has engaged a drilling contractor for an initial ~10-hole follow-up drilling program to define the lamproite body. Drilling is scheduled to commence in early June 2018. If the drilling campaign and micro-diamond analysis provide positive results, the next stage of exploration at Little Spring Creek would encompass trenching to assist with definition of near surface geology and provide material for bulk sampling to determine commercial diamond content and grade.