Lucapa Unearths 46-Carat Pink Diamond in Angola

Mining and Exploration
03/05/2018 17:07

Lucapa Diamond Company has recovered a gem-quality 46 carat pink diamond from the Lulo Diamond Project in Angola, the largest gem-quality coloured diamond recovered to date from the Lulo mining operations. The 46 carat pink eclipsed the 43 carat yellow gem recovered in January 2018 and the 39 carat pink recovered in September 2016.

Significantly, the company specifies, the 46 carat pink, along with other large specials (+10.8 carats), was recovered from new Mining Block 4, which is an area planned for resource delineation in 2018 to be included in the alluvial JORC resource update. This Mining Block is located close to the treatment plant. They note that the frequent recovery of large and premium-value diamonds from new areas along the Cacuilo River valley continues to illustrate the uniqueness and potential of the Lulo diamond concession. Lulo has already recovered 10 +100 carat diamonds to date, including Angola’s two biggest recorded white Type IIa gems weighing 404 carats and 227 carats. The miner's proceeds from Lulo diamonds sales to date in 2018 are now at US$10.8 million (A$13.5 million), at an average price per carat of US$1,731.