Ethiopian Emeralds The Next Big Thing?

Mining and Exploration
17/04/2018 13:29

In five years’ time, in 20 years’ time, people are going to be kicking themselves they didn’t buy Ethiopian. The material is as good if not better than what’s coming out of Muzo [the legendary Colombian emerald mine]. Not only is the material exquisite - it has very intense color - but it also has a glow, which Zambian doesn’t have. It’s not as blue as Colombian but it glows like Colombian. It blew everybody’s minds. Apart from the fact that it’s beautiful, 40 percent of our material has no oil, which is unheard of. Less than one-half of 1 percent of Colombian material has no oil. In the whole of the AGTA show, you might find six no-oil Colombian stones if you’re lucky.”

- Simon Watt, of Mayer & Watt, U.S. distributor for emeralds from the Helo deposit, owned by the Bu’a Obsa Association, a tribal group of miners, in Ethiopia. See GIA article on the exciting discovery in Ethiopia, which will provide a new source of large, high-quality emeralds for the gem and jewelry trade.