North Arrow Recovers 64.25 Carats from Naujaat Diamond Project, Canada

Mining and Exploration
01/03/2018 15:54

North Arrow Minerals - a Canadian based exploration company focused on the identification and evaluation of diamond exploration opportunities in Canada - has recovered a total of 1,991 diamonds greater than +1 DTC (-1 mm), weighing 64.25 carats, from 209.84 dry tons of kimberlite. This represents an overall sample grade of 30.6 cpht (carats per hundred tons). The three largest recovered diamonds are 5.25, 2.09 and 1.06 carats. The diamond recoveries issued from a 309.8-ton mini-bulk sample collected in July 2017 from the diamondiferous Q1-4 kimberlite at the100%-owned Naujaat Diamond Project near the hamlet of Repulse Bay, Nunavut, in the Canadian Arctic. Yellow diamonds, representing a range of hues and tones, represent approximately 10.7% (by stone count) of the recovered diamonds (21.2% by carat weight), the company stated.

The exploration company writes that the 12.5 hectare Q-1-4 kimberlite on the Naujaat ranks as one of the largest undeveloped diamond resources in Canada. It contains a significant population of extremely rare, potentially high value, fancy vivid orangey yellow diamonds as certified by the Gemology Institute of America and Canadian Gem Labs. The collection of a bulk sample was part of a $3.2 million summer exploration program that was planned for the site. While the recovery was promising, there is clearly a long way to go. North Arrow President and CEO Ken Armstrong commented, “As intended, this point source mini-bulk sample will help provide an indication of the diamond population and recoverable grade in a previously under sampled, but accessible area of Q1-4 with the goal of providing information to help plan the collection of a larger bulk sample for the purposes of diamond valuation in support of an economic assessment of the deposit.”

Just a month ago, the company reported that it has significantly increased the size of its 100% owned Mel Diamond Project from 7,500 ha to 56,075 ha. Claim staking was initiated as a result of North Arrow’s September 2017 discovery of a new diamond bearing kimberlite field at Mel, located within 20 km of tide water on the Melville Peninsula, Nunavut.