Serena Williams Launches Diamond Jewelry Line

27/11/2019 06:33

Former #1 professional tennis player and celebrity Serena Williams has launched a diamond jewelry line of 70 designs, ranging from statement necklaces, diamond and gold-studded words such as "queen" or "winner" to - no suprise there - tennis bracelets, rings and earrings in a diverse array of prices, starting at US$299 up to US$10k for the most luxurious pieces.

According to reports, the collection, produced in collaboration with diamond and jewelry company KP Sanghvi, contains only ethically mined and conflict-free diamonds. KP Sanghvi, an India-based company with offices in a.o. Antwerp and New York, was the first company to set up an all-women polishing unit in India, aimed at empowering women in the local manufacturing industry.

That theme must have resonated with Williams, who says her collection "is a celebration of the strong women in her life and around the world".