Diamond Empowerment Fund Campaign Aims @ Millennials, Hits Mark

10/12/2018 11:47

‘Conservation’, the first Diamonds Do Good video in the Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F)’s new Real Stories, Real Diamonds, Real Impact campaign targeting Millennials, has apparently hit its mark. The one-minute video earned 11 million impressions in the first month alone, including 7 million views of at least :30 seconds, and 5 million views of the entire video. According to YouTube, “this is a a surprisingly high rate of completion, especially considering the longer length of the video.” The exemplary results of this first video is confirmation that D.E.F’s ‘Diamonds Do Good’ message is resonating with consumers.

The ‘Conservation’ video is the first in a series the Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F) will create to educate the public on the positive stories behind diamonds. All videos in the series will be housed on the D.E.F. website’s video library page. D.E.F’s Diamonds Do Good library of videos will be available for retailers to share with their customers.

The "Real Stories. Real Diamonds. Real Impact" video library was made possible through the grant D.E.F received from the JCK Industry Fund, and media support was augmented through an in-kind donation by the Diamond Producers Association (DPA).  In November, the Diamond Empowerment Fund launched the ‘Real Stories, Real Diamonds, Real Impact Proposal Contest’ with the winners being sent to Botswana in 2019, to see firsthand the positive impact of diamonds and share their experience through social media. D.E.F President, Anna Martin, Sr. VP of GIA says, “Educating the younger generation on the good diamonds do and inviting them to engage in this narrative will help boost consumer confidence and ultimately demand for diamonds”.