Jewelers of America To Launch Consumer Marketing Campaign

11/10/2018 14:58

Jewelers of America (JA), an industry trade association, is aiming to launch a category jewelry advertising campaign in 2019. The initiative, said to be by the industry and catalyzed by requests from the industry, is intended to benefit the entire jewelry industry by "branding and promoting the unique and emotional aspects of jewelry purchase and ownership versus other disposable income purchases," said JA in a statement.

The JA is currently reaching out to industry members for assistance in financing the "creation and execution" of a campaign described as a, "hyper-targeted, digital advertising campaign, to be run primarily on social media in a test market. Our goal," the statement continues, "is to show a true return on investment, through such measures as pre- and post-campaign awareness and perception of jewelry, traffic to a website hosting the campaign’s story, press coverage, jewelry influencer coverage, and more." 

Eleven organizations and companies have already contributed to what JA is calling its "Pioneer Program" for those companies wishing to contribute to their test campaign in 
four sponsorship categories, ranging from $50,000 to $5,000. Following the pilot, JA hopes to expand the campaign nationally, "with a percent-of-revenue voluntary contribution model for the entire industry."

The advertisements are expected to be in the mold of the historic “Got Milk?” campaign, an iconic American advertising campaign encouraging the consumption of milk, which was created for the California Milk Processor Board in 1993 and was later licensed for use by milk processors and dairy farmers. Its purpose was to reverse the decline in milk consumption due to massive consumption on carbonated drinks, and it succeeded, running for 20 years with a clear message, creativity, humor and featuring a plethora of celebrities appearing in its ubiquitous print ads. Milk sales financed the campaign.