Antwerp Rough Trade Outperforms Pre-pandemic Levels During First 9 Months of 2021

Market Analysis
18/10/2021 16:39

According to figures released by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, the rough diamond business in Antwerp is outperforming pre-pandemic levels of 2019 and it seems the polished business is on its way to recovery.

From January to September 2021, 69.5 million carat rough diamonds worth 7.8 billion USD were imported in Antwerp, a 31% rise in value compared to 2019 pre-pandemic figures. On the export side, AWDC’s figures show a 21% rise compared to 2019 with 79.1 million carat imported rough diamonds worth 8.2 billion USD.

Whereas the rough trade was already on its way to recovery in Antwerp this time last year, the polished trade at that time was still lagging somewhat behind. At the beginning of the year, Antwerps polished figures were on par with the pandemic year 2020 but the last few months are showing signs of recovery. In September 2021, 306.603 carat polished diamonds worth 692 million USD were exported, a year-on-year increase of 32% in value. 518.543 carat polished diamonds worth 648 million USD were imported, which marks a 16% year-on-year increase.