Lessons From JCK Las Vegas: Resale Value and Differentiation

Market Analysis
04/06/2015 17:15

Industry analyst Edahn Golan shares his impressions from last week's JCK trade fair in Las Vegas. Price consciousness throughout the retail chain and bloated inventory were common themes consistent with slower market demand. More notable was his perception of a real need for a consistent and transparent way to measure the enduring value - read, resale value - of diamonds, without too rigidly commodifying them, and the strong movement of high-end items and original, particularly handmade designs.

Golan: "Well-designed items are capturing the attention of consumers and generating sales. It is about differentiation, offering something new and different with high-quality production. It makes a big difference. Of these, the handmade, one off type of designs are doing especially well ... Stepping away from a mass-production – even if well designed and high quality – provides even greater uniqueness. That is what generates sales today!"