Lab Grown or Naturally Mined? A Comprehensive Look At The Diamond Dilemma

Market Analysis
07/05/2015 09:20

“We believe that a diamond represents a very important purchase in one’s life and has a significant emotional meaning. And we believe that the story and identity of a diamond is linked to how it has been formed over millions of years. We imagine that people will still make that association – it is about the permanence, if you will, the long history of what it takes for a diamond to form, the conditions of the Earth, and the gravitas involved in that. We are not naive, our head is not in the sand, and we closely monitor the progress of the industry. Young consumers, in particular, are very interested in the larger universe and the impact of the purchases they make, but while we understand that there could possibly be a time when a manufactured diamond could be accessible to many, we still believe that there will be that distinction of what a natural diamond is, and how it came to be.”

Jon King, Executive Vice President Tiffany & Co, on synthetic vs natural diamonds