What's In A Name: the Lab-As-Grown-Diamond

07/02/2021 08:23

In his latest editorial piece, JCK News Director Rob Bates talks about an emerging trend in the LGD landscape, where some producers of the man-made stones are differentiating their product highlighting the grown diamonds haven't been treated to enhance their appearance. The vast majority of LGD diamonds have a brownish colour in their raw form and are treated and retouched through various processes, to make them whiter or cleaner, which often leaves a reddish or silvery tinge on the stone, one producer states. In the race to create larger, higher quality LGD diamonds, some producers hope to have a competitive edge over treated LGD. Grading labs like GIA and IGI are or will indicate if they believe a diamond has received post-growth treatment, but Bates adds it is unclear if consumers understand what that means. Some feel disclosing information on treatments should become compulsory (the US FTC hasn't ruled on the topic Bates notes). Not all LGD producers believe in the differentiation saying LGD are a non-natural, manufactured product anyway, with treatments being just one step in the manufacturing process.

(photo courtesy of GIA)