IGI Antwerp Also Discovered (And Reversed) Temporary Color Enhancement

16/06/2015 21:03

In his latest Diamond Intelligence Briefings, Chaim Even-Zohar recounts the discovery and the documented reversal of a treated diamond, upgrading the stone temporarily by several grades, discovered at the Antwerp IGI lab in November last year. According to the IGI lab, the reversal process - through acid boiling -, which was witnessed and documented in an affidavit, revealed the diamonds were treated with a coating, temporarily upgrading the color grade of a 3.03ct diamond four grades, from J to G+ color. The precise nature of the coating, which may involve an very thin film visible only at 500 times magnification, is unknown. The article adds that the treated diamonds IGI discovered do not come from the same source(s) as the treated diamonds that were discovered by the GIA recently. IGI reportedly informed relevant trade bodies after the discovery to let them decide on taking disciplinary actions, but according to Even-Zohar, they kept silent.