Colour-Treated Diamond with False Inscription Discovered at HRD Antwerp

24/09/2021 15:10

HRD Antwerp recently discovered a fake inscription on a 1.50 carat, Type IIa polished diamond, which it received for grading.

Diamonds of this type are always investigated extensively at HRD Antwerp’s Research department to verify that the stone is a natural diamond without any color enhancements, the grading lab said. This closer examination showed the diamond had undergone HPHT color treatment, even though the stone was inscribed with a GIA laser inscription corresponding to a natural diamond grading report, which made no mention of any color treatments.

Upon further examination, graders noticed more inconsistencies between the diamond and its supposed grading report. Although the stone’s carat weight, color, cut, and final clarity grade (VS1) precisely matched the accompanying report, the clarity characteristics did not completely overlap. Since these characteristics are a unique fingerprint of the diamond, the inscription was identified as false.

The diamond at hand had been intentionally inscribed with a fake laser inscription to deceive the customer. The global guidelines for the diamond industry prohibit passing off a lab-grown diamond as natural without clearly and publicly declaring its origin.

Although such fraudulent activities are exceptions rather than common practice, it stresses the importance of high-quality laboratories to uncover these issues.

Image: HRD Antwerp