HRD Antwerp Launches Authenticity Report for Polki Diamond Jewellery

02/04/2021 15:19

HRD Antwerp launched the first report for traditional and authentic Polki diamond jewellery: 'Authenticity Jewellery Report – Your Blueprint of Assurance'.

The unique Polka jewellery, handcrafted and inspired by fauna, flora and architectural elements, symbolize a critical element of the traditional cultural diamond heritage of India and have gained popularity on the international market. With this report, HRD Antwerp aims to bring additional value to these timeless jewels.

The Authenticity Jewellery Report captures the essence of Polki or uncut diamonds mounted in jewellery – notably their natural origin. Unlike polished diamonds, which have the 4Cs mentioned in HRD Antwerp's Natural Diamond Grading Report, the Authenticity Report will identify the uncut mounted diamonds' nature. Every single stone will be thoroughly screened and checked for its natural origin. HRD Antwerp will only issue the report for Polki jewellery containing 100 percent natural diamonds with no treatments.

Image source: Natural Diamond Council