GIA's New Reports Grade LGD's 4C's & Colour

14/10/2020 06:47

GIA has launched the earlier announced new grading reports for lab-grown diamonds, LGDR by GIA, a range of four digital reports in which the descriptive terms and grade ranges are now replaced with 4C color and clarity specs, described using the same scale GIA uses for natural diamonds. In terms of look and feel, the LGDR, digital only reports differ from the classic GIA natural grading reports and each stone will be inscribed with a report number and the words "Laboratory-grown", the GIA adds in a press release. The announcement of the new LGD reports met with some criticism from stakeholders, who believe LGD diamond should not be graded in the same standard as (natural) diamonds. “The evolution of GIA’s reports for laboratory-grown diamonds is fully aligned with our mission to protect all consumers,” commented Susan Jacques, GIA president and CEO. “Everyone who purchases gemstone jewelry – whether natural or laboratory-grown – expects and deserves the information, confidence and protection that come with a GIA report.”