GIA Reopens Some Labs - India Limits Exports

18/05/2020 22:23

As many countries are easing out of strict quarantaine, GIA has announced it has reopened its labs in Antwerp, Carlsbad, Gaborone, Johannesburg and Tokyo, each with modified schedules. In Antwerp and Johannesburg, visitors are welcome by appointment, in Tokyo, Carlsbad and Gaborone, the labs will only accept submissions via shipment.

Meanwhile, the Hindustan Times reports that the Indian government is allowing a maximum of 100 shipments per day, due to limited capacity of staff and shipping options. The 100 shipments are decided upon through a lottery and only pre-packaged parcels are allowed for export. India has extended its lockdown measures until the 31st of May, limited activity in the Mumbai Bharat Diamond Bourse is allowed, but India's manufacturing epicentre in Surat remains shut.