Sarine Tech To Open Automated Diamond Grading Lab in Israel

16/01/2018 10:29

Israeli diamond tech group Sarine Technologies is opening its first gemological laboratory this February in Ramat Gan, Israel, with plans to follow with the opening of a lab in India, planned for May. The company says it will utilize its, "breakthrough artificial-intelligence based technological solutions for the automated, accurate, consistent, digital, and objective grading of a polished diamond's Clarity and Colour." The services offered will include authentication whether a polished diamond is a simulant, natural or synthetic, treated or not, as well as the grading of its 4Cs.

“With the opening of the Sarine Technology Lab, we will be providing digital reports that combine technologically advanced grading accuracy and consistency with the most engaging experience for each diamond", said David Block, Chief Executive Officer of the Sarine Group. "We believe that by raising consumers' confidence and significantly adding to their shopping experience, we can appreciably contribute to the diamond industry's value proposition, especially important in these times of evolving retail paradigms."