Leviev Unveils “Empresses” Diamonds for Royal Family

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With the imminent coronation of England’s newest monarch, Leviev Diamonds has unveiled “Empresses” — two rare, pristinely cut stones to pay tribute to Camilla, Queen Consort and Her Royal Highness Catherine, The Princess of Wales.
“Camilla and Catherine have captivated the world’s attention with their disposition, reverence to the crown, and hopes for the future — qualities ‘Empressess’ reflect exceptionally,” said Chagit Leviev, president and CEO of Leviev Group USA. “We see hundreds of diamonds a day, but honoring these resplendent women required particular affection and discernment. Our ‘Emperesses’ diamonds are a rare pairing that radiate history, admiration, and aspiration. They’re our crown jewels.”

“The Camilla” is a 6.4-carat ($440,000) emerald shape yellow diamond, expertly cut and placed into a setting by Leviev’s master craftsmen. “The Catherine” ($328,000) is a marquis-cut, 8-carat stone of with exceptional clarity.
While each ring exists as a stand-alone piece, Leviev is exploring the possibility of creating a necklace and earring suite to match.

Source: Instoremag
Photo Credit: Instoremag