RJC Developing First-ever Standard For Lab-Grown Material

23/09/2021 14:43

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is developing its first-ever standard for laboratory-grown diamonds and gemstones. According to RJC, many of its members today are selling both natural and lab-grown products, which led to this decision.

As lab-created materials carry a different risk profile than natural materials, the new laboratory-grown material (LGM) standard will be separate from RJC’s Code of Practices and will include, among others, the requirement for full disclosure. Iris Van der Veken, executive director of RJC: “We will be reaching out to all stakeholders over the next year, in accordance with the ISEAL Standard-Setting Code of Good Practice to build a robust framework for the standard.

RJC hopes to introduce the standard by June 2022.