De Beers' Laboratory-Grown Diamond Brand Lightbox To Launch Thursday

26/09/2018 18:12

Having set our sights on a half-carat white solitaire pendant set in a silver necklace for $500, today we received an e-mail informing us we can place our order tomorrow (Thursday). Lightbox - De Beers' lab-grown diamond jewelry line - which has sparked outcry, applause, debate, and concern throughout the diamond world (natural as well as synthetic) will finally make its debut after a heated summer. The line as it now stands consists of pastel pink, white and baby-blue lab-grown studs and pendants, priced from $200 for a quarter carat to $800 for one carat, not including the setting. The man-made diamonds are set in silver ($100) or 10-karat gold ($200).

Lightbox, which De Beers introduced last May, is a fashion jewelry label selling (relatively) low-budget gems with mass-market appeal. Representatives have suggested the jewelry should be seen as pretty, playful and fun, but not as something appropriate for an engagement ring or life's significant moments. It is nothing more or less than what millennials and Gen Z are asking for: consumers are already interested in synthetics, and Lightbox is tailored to what they want: colorful, sparkling but high-quality fashion jewelry with transparent and accessible pricing. The price structure is linear - increasing on an incremental basis according to carat weight - rather than exponential. The diamond(s) in a 0.25-ct piece of Lightbox jewelry will cost $200; 0.50-ct will cost $400, up to 1 carat at $800, but there are many that doubt this is where De Beers' ambitions for the brand end.