Tiffany's Unveils New Engagement Line: Tiffany True

19/09/2018 14:32

Famed jeweler Tiffany & Co. has lifted the veil on the company’s upcoming jewelry collection, Tiffany True, its first new engagement line in nearly a decade. The newly designed engagement ring at the core of the collection features a new cut of diamond, and its setting is designed so that its four link sides create a basket for the ring, allowing it to sit lower on the finger for a more modern feel.“Tiffany has symbolized the ultimate in love and commitment since 1886 with the invention of the original Tiffany Setting. Now, the launch of Tiffany True with its unique setting and expert cut, we are introducing a supreme expression of modern love,” said Reed Krakoff, Tiffany & Co.’s Chief Artistic Officer. The company says that its geometric lines and ultra-fine details make this ring a modern masterpiece.

The ring can be personalized—platinum with white diamonds, or 18K yellow gold with ­yellow diamonds. Prices start at $7,000 and can run well into six figures. The new fancy-cut diamond exposes more surface area on the diamond’s main facet. The company describes the Tiffany True engagement ring as minimal, architecturally constructed and discreetly marked on the side with a “T,” a subtle detail that is personal to the wearer. The jeweler has also introduced chain bracelets and rings composed of interlocking Ts , whichhave been given a faceted finish to reflect the company's diamond heritage. "Refined, strong and structured, the new Tiffany T designs make a powerful statement with the Tiffany T interlock featuring the iconic motif in a bold new way."

The collection fits into CEO Alessandro Bogliolo's mission of updating a jeweler many have come to see as bound too fast to tradition. “In this little object you have so much in terms of newness." As Phil Wahba writes for Fortune, "much of Tiffany’s revenue comes from decades-old collections by Elsa Peretti (which alone generates 9% of sales) and Paloma Picasso. And Tiffany’s bestselling collection remains its classic namesake engagement ring with a six-prong setting, introduced in 1886." Bogliolo told him that Tiffany needed a shake-up, saying that as with many old companies, caution had set into the culture.