Helzberg Diamonds Appoints New Head of Marketing, Ad Agency

06/03/2018 11:06

Helzberg Diamonds has announced a "focused effort on innovating its marketing strategies," naming Ellen Junger as its new chief marketing officer and Carmichael Lynch its new advertising agency of record. Junger previously served as chief customer and marketing officer role for Payless ShoeShource. Helzberg, a 100 year-old company, said in a statement that while love isn’t going out of style anytime soon, “the way that people are shopping for jewelry to show their love is continuing to change rapidly.” As a result, the company has planned to “help people feel loved in new ways” by evolving its customer messaging and communications methods. The appointment of both Junger and Carmichael Lynch, it said, are part of that plan.Throughout her career, she's also held executive roles at Hallmark Cards, including president and chief marketing officer at Hallmark Canada. Junger is Helzberg’s third chief marketing officer in a little more than a year.

Helzberg Diamonds chairwoman and chief executive Beryl Raff said of Junger’s appointment: “Ellen brings a wealth of experience in retail and will help lead Helzberg Diamonds into the next generation of innovation for the brand.” Said Junger: “I have always been a fan of Helzberg Diamonds as a company with a strong legacy of success and leadership in jewelry retail, but also as a consumer. I look forward to taking this great company forward by re-energizing the brand through smart marketing and new ways of reaching consumers.” Minneapolis-based ad agency Carmichael Lynch has won Helzberg’s creative, social, design, influencer, and analytics accounts following a competitive review. The ad agency will debut new work for Helzberg Diamonds this spring, it said. “As we evolve the Helzberg Diamonds brand, we’re looking to disrupt the sea of sameness in the jewelry industry while sharing our ‘I Am Loved’ narrative in new ways,” said Helzberg Diamonds CEO Beryl Raff in the statement.

Helzberg Diamonds, a retail and online jewelry store focused on customer service, was founded in 1915 and has more than 200 stores in the US. The company is based in North Kansas City, Mo., and is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.