Predicting The Hot Engagement Rings for 2018

24/01/2018 17:39

National Jeweler's Michelle Graff provides a preview of the five hottest engagement ring trends for 2018 according to WP Diamonds, the online jewelry purchasing division of White Pine Trading. "Rose gold with pavé, three-stone rings that mimic Meghan Markle’s, and more halos are three of the engagement ring trends WP Diamonds is forecasting for 2018." The classic, solitaire 'Tiffany setting' (don't call it Tiffany, she warns) is always on the list, and yellow stones are “gaining some serious momentum”, according to WP Diamonds. Climbing further up the list is micro-pavé set in rose gold, and even more popular may be a cushion-cut set in a halo, though Graff also warns about the potential for "halo exhaustion". We follow her on this note.

At the top of the list is the art deco-inspired three-stone ring, now simply referred to as the Meghan Markle. "The news of American actress Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry was big, both in the jewelry world - where her three-stone ring set in yellow gold was the topic of much conversation - and to the general public, which has a fascination with all things royal despite the fact that the monarchy has no real power anymore", she writes. "While WP Diamonds predicts the ring of the future princess will ignite interest for three-stone styles [WP Diamonds President Andrew] Brown said they don’t see it doing the same for yellow gold, at least not this year." According to Brown, “Yellow gold makes up a fraction of the custom rings that we have been making. Though it is gaining in popularity in certain regional areas, we do not predict a substantial rise in demand across the board.”