Sarine Technologies To Open Second Lab, in Mumbai

31/05/2018 14:39

Sarine Technologies, which provides high-tech equipment and services to the diamond industry, announced yesterday that it is opening its second Sarine Technology Laboratory in Mumbai, India, as scheduled, which will offer services to the key Indian polishing centre, commencing immediately. The Laboratory, one of the leaders in the development, manufacture and sale of precision technology products for the evaluation, planning, processing, finishing, grading and trading of diamonds and gems, offers reports on a broad range of a polished diamond's parameters. 

“The Mumbai lab's opening is of major importance, as it will enable us to provide a logistically efficient solution for our high- volume retail customers, by certifying their diamonds immediately after they are polished," said David Block, Chief Executive Officer of the Sarine Group. "This will allow the majority of retailers that buy diamonds directly from Indian suppliers to benefit from our ground-breaking digital reports that combine AI-based grading objectivity and consistency with the most engaging consumer experience available. The necessity of enhancing the consumers' shopping experience and raising their confidence in the quality of the offered diamonds is key in today's evolving retail environment, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this developing practice in the diamond industry."