HRD Antwerp Unveils Jewelry Grading Lab and Office in Mumbai

28/03/2018 13:30

HRD Antwerp announced the opening of a jewelry grading lab in the Santacruz Electronics Export Processing Zone (SEEPZ) in Mumbai, for manufacturers who export to various international locations. “Our customers will have safe, reliable and easy access to our services. Our laboratory has the know-how and tools to thoroughly analyze jewelry, provide a general description of the jewel, the quality of the diamonds it contains, and the precious metals of which it is made”, explains Ravi Chhabria, Managing Director of HRD Antwerp India. 

“HRD Antwerp already has partnerships with a large number of international manufacturers and jewelers, including exclusive contracts with certain jewelers. The growth potential of the jewelry market is substantial, and we expect to double our activities in a short period of time.” Clients are able to personalize their Jewelry Report with a company logo on the report itself, or on the convenient card format.

The company has a full-fledged lab and education campus located near the Bharat Diamond Bourse, in the IL&FS Financial Centre. Other services include the use of HRD Antwerp’s transportation partners for free pick-up and delivery all across India, and soon color pre-investigation and screening will also be made available. A new office will be opening in the BDB, emphasizing HRD Antwerp’s commitment to strengthening their ties between the world’s leading diamond trading center – Antwerp – and the Bharat Diamond Bourse – one of the world’s largest diamond bourses. 

“This BDB office will bring us closer to our customers and will enable us to offer them a quicker and more personalized service. The BDB office will act as a drop-off point, where our customers can submit and retrieve their stones without having to leave the BDB premises,” says Chhabria.

Michel Janssens, CEO of HRD Antwerp, states: “We are excited to expand our capacities in one of the major jewelry manufacturing hubs in India. We want to work closely with jewelers, and offer them a range of tailor-made solutions, in order to help them better serve their customers, and ultimately increase their sales. Jewelers need backing from a reputed and independent international grading lab, one that is able to deliver a trademark for their products. A high-quality grading report is undeniably an additional selling tool.”