GIA Notifies the Trade of Undisclosed Diamond Treatment

13/05/2015 16:02

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) reported that approximately 500 colorless to near-colorless diamonds that were submitted primarily to GIA’s grading laboratory in Ramat Gan, Israel, were potentially subjected to an undisclosed temporary treatment. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has issued a laboratory alert recalling 424 diamond grading reports. The diamonds were treated with a process that temporarily improved their color by up to three grades. A full list of the grading report numbers and the companies that submitted the diamonds to GIA are listed in the link below as part of the GIA alert.

The GIA has “terminated submissions” from the following clients who submitted treated diamonds without disclosure:  LYE Diamonds, E.G.S.D. Diamonds, Abramov Romok and Yair Matatov. Pending further investigation, RapNet and the Rapaport Group has suspended service to these companies and to the following individuals who are believed to be associated with the companies: Nati Yizrov, Gavriel Yelizarov and Yair Matatov. RapNet will also delist all diamonds with recalled grading reports and will be contacting those listing such stones for sale.For the full text of the GIA Laboratory Alert,  grading report numbers and company names, click here.