Argyle Diamonds Adorn Pink Panther Ingots from Perth Mint

Fun Facts
13/04/2018 15:17

Featuring genuine examples some of the world’s rarest diamonds - pink gems from Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Australia - The Perth Mint has launched a limited edition collection of Pink Diamond Ingots celebrating the Pink Panther. Struck from 91.67% pure pink gold and 99.95% pure platinum, each ingot is handset with two stunning pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine, each weighing 0.08 carats, of Fancy Intense to Vivid Purplish Pink color. The collection has an extremely limited mintage, with just 35 1oz platinum ingots, 300 1oz pink gold ingots and eight 10oz gold ingots (to be released on May 1 2018). The platinum ingot is priced at US$10,900 (AUS$13,990) and the pink gold ingot at US$5,446 (AUS$6,990).

The legendary Pink Panther made its debut as a cartoon character in the 1963 comedy-mystery film of the same name. In the original movie, the Pink Panther was actually the name of a large and incredibly valuable pink diamond. On the ingots, a nonchalant Pink Panther is portrayed about to pluck a stunning Argyle pink diamond off the top of a plinth. His tail wraps around to the back of the ingots which feature another pink diamond as well as familiar Pink Panther motifs in the form of a star burst and a trail of footprints. Perth Mint CEO Richard Hayes says: “Working with Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) to produce this licensed product range, which also features some of the world’s rarest coloured diamonds, the ingot collection is sure to impress Pink Panther enthusiasts”. The ingots are the newest additions to an eclectic range of high-end collectables expertly crafted by The Perth Mint from precious metals and exquisitely coloured natural pink diamonds. Previous releases have attracted international attention from investors, collectors and connoisseurs captivated by their stunning quality, allure and exclusivity.

Image: TM & © MGM